Quasar3D Watchface

       Meet Quasar3D the OpenGLES Watchface

       It feels your movements, responds and looks like that:

        The watchface is recommended by Goggle by now.

  Here is its link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/ANDROID_WEAR/collection/topselling_new_free?hl=en&gl=UG




       First of all, as it is the stand-alone independent app,

       the only way to install it - perform this from your Android Wear 2 watches,

       Please, go to the Google Play (or find more faces), search the Quasar3D watchface, then install it.

       If you're interested and want to taste it real 3D power, please let me know

       I can generate you the promo-code.

       You'll have it for free!

       Questions? Just write to longtolik@gmail.com



       Here is short video:

         It's impressive (hope you can like it too), uses experimental technologies

         Some characteristics:

         - all the elements were carefully designed, calculated, built and polished

         - mostly, the watchface service engine uses non-Decartus coorninata system (non XYZ)

        - especially for this work several utils/instruments were created as "lathe", "milling", "plotting" CNC machines,

           (indeed they're custom 3D modelling programs)

         - this application is highly optimised and energy-effective (screenshots are below)

         - the watchface does not use so-called learning examples from SDKs, sometimes dangorous in their inefficiency,

           instead, it implements custom algorithms

         - also, the math in this app uses non-standard matrix operation to avoid distortions,

            parameters in system were pre-calculated and are calculating futher in real-time mode.



        Some pictures:


Standard Android Wear trick: if you'll triple type on the screen, you can magnify a part of it:

The design must look acceptable in various conditions, even in negative mode:

This'd might be usefull, but light screens consume much more power...

BTW, typical power graph in case of the LG Watch Style:


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