performs real time objects detection
and voice commands recognition

Kendryte K210 RISC-V w/ AI
at the MAIX Bit Mic board

MAIX Bit Board based on RISC-V Kendryte K210 SoC and having two cores is capable to perform real time objects detection and speech commands recognition simultaneously and continuously.
Also it might output audial info about where the object is placed (at the left, right, up, down..) and how far or close it is.
Persons are detecting up to 3 meters (10 feet) far from the device.
YOLO v.2 (and other) models may be loaded dynamically as well as the voice models.
Organizing the process hierarchically we can switch context depending of the environment in the given moment of time.
Connecting this hardware with say neuromorphic chip, we will be able to perform learning in real time, novelty detection and other things.
Working with the board is easy and clear, due to BSP, schematics and docs

How it works:

How to build it:


Top view:

Here we can see the DFPlayer (at the left) and LiPo battery charger/DC-DC converter (at the right)
Instead of Player we can put here Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi modules as well
Connection is common: Ground, +3.3V, Rx, Tx (maybe some others signals)

Bottom view:

Solder some wires from MAIX Bit Mic board to DFPlayer

Bread board with LCD connected:

Set with the LCD screen and speaker, the OV2640 cam was taken from ESP32 Cam
We can exclude DFPlayer (outputting sounds via PWM)
Then BOM will cost less then USD15 (MAIX Bit = 11.90, Cam ~ 3)