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I'm Anatoly Besplemennov the engineer. For a long time (from 1983) worked with automation systems. In those times the era of microcontrollers (MCUs) has just began. Enterprises's automation assumed applying of such (or similar) hardware: big IBM-360/370 at high level, mini-computers VAX-11, PDP-11, DEC Professional for CAD and scientific calculations and modelling, micro-computers LSI-11 for CAM, technological lines and equipment control.

It was always interesting for me to use computers not just as the typewriters or calculators but for interacting with the physical world's objects, giving the computers the freedom to work autonomously, define its behaviour, make decisions

Times where passed... At present such terms as embedded systems, interactive design, physical computing and of course, the Internet of Things have appeared.

The 8-bit MCUs are still very applicable and 32-bit systems on chip (SoC) based on ARM architecture became more and more popular.

Thus, my projecting experience spreaded from building the SCADA system using PDP-11, IBM PC AT, Palm OS and Motorola DragonBall, devices based on Atmel AVR, and last, the ARM SoC as a culmination of above.

Here are the fields of interests:


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