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An edgeneer, embedeneer, engineer trying to make something in electronics and programming area.

My interest - to implement computers not just as the typewriters or calculators but for interacting with the physical world's objects, giving the computers the freedom to work autonomously, define its behaviour and make decisions

My experience have spreaded from building the SCADA systems based on PDP-11, IBM PC AT, Palm OS and Motorola DragonBall to devices like Microchip ® (Atmel ® ) AVR, ARM ® ARMv8 Aarch64, RISC-V 64-bit and Neuro chips.

    Here are the fields of interests:.

  • Embedded systems (both hardware and software)

  • Building and implementing sensors

  • Programming using C and Assembler

  • Projecting interactive things using Android

  • Prototyping Atmel AVR MCU projects with Arduino

  • Projecting various apparatus

  • Learning genetic algorithms and self-developing computer systems

  • Learning and implementing the neuro networks and hardware neurons


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