the simplest project for Arduino

technical vision with recognition



    The goal of this work was building very basic and smallest device which is able to get some image data, recognize it and show the result.

     An Arduino/Genuino board, a mouse sensor as video cam and OLED display are as hardware platform.

     The software is based on the specific library.

     The schematics is simplest too. Four wires for both, the sensor and the display, including ground and power.

     It works not that fast, besause of slow digital I/O performed for reading data from the sensor.

     Reading the frame occupies about 214 mS,  (4 FPS). If perform the I/O in C/Assembler, that time may be reduced to about 2 mS (I hope and it'll give 500 FPS).

     But this project is draft, the future improvements are for other projects.


       How it works:    


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